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Customer Testimonials

"We bought this Item for moving large plates that otherwise might have been very cumbersome, this product (NL-660B) performed as advertised and the help from Tom and his staff was very helpful thanks so much"
--- Steve Flynn Wedgworth Inc. product review on April 2, 2018

"This is a great magnet. It is crazy the amount of lifting power it has! Would definitely buy again."
--- James M., NL-660B(2) product review on April 2, 2018

"Immediately after placing the order I received a courtesy call from a gentleman named Tom, who wanted to make sure that I was aware of the order and that the specifications on the magnet were what I needed. The magnet is amazing and my shop guys have requested I order more of them. It has saved them so much time moving material around. I have placed an order for another one today with Tom. I’m very happy I took a chance on your company Armstrong Magnetics, and hope to be able to order other products from you as well. Your customer Service is excellent as well as your product!"
--- Gabriela S., Kreator, email received on Jan. 24, 2018

"A quick note to acknowledge and thank Tom for his call this morning to explain the limitations of the lifting magnet I had purchased online. My lack of attention to the magnets rating would have led to a very unsafe situation. Armstrong Magnetics dedication to safety is much appreciated. This is a rare trait in today's highly competitive market. Thank you."
--- Randy C., email received on Jan. 8, 2018

"A great local company with high quality products and service! I am a machinist at a local machine shop and have been using one of Armstrong Magnetics LiftMag NL-330B lifting magnets for over two years now. We do a lot of steel components to support welding fabrication, as well as various street jobs. This magnet has moved literally tons of steel and has done an excellent job. There are generic magnets that get you by, and high quality magnets that are a joy to use, and the LiftMag series of magnets falls into the latter category. The compact size fits onto smaller blocks and helps when loading parts into tight machine fixturing, And the safety-checking position and information pamphlet let you test your load and lift with confidence. But the best part of the LiftMag series is that when the magnet is off, there is absolutely no residual magnetic field; you simply move the magnet exactly where you want it, then flip the lever to "ON". Additionally, the Armstrong LiftMag series can be safely wiped down without the danger of cutting yourself on metal shaving, and it always gives you consistent lifting performance without damaging a newly machined surface (unlike the "get you buy" magnets that you have to pry off of the work piece). Armstrong Magnetics, Inc. also sells a variety of other great magnets. So go support a great local company and buy some magnets!"
--- Adam d., Edco Inc, Google review 2017

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