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About Us

Armstrong Magnetics, Inc supplies lifting magnets, magnet materials, and magnetic assemblies to over 1,000 US customers in fields ranging from automobile to farming, construction and aerospace science in both private and public sectors.

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1994 - 1999
The founder of Armstrong Magnetics, Inc. (AMI) began magnet materials sales in Torrance California with former business name of Strong Magnet Company. During that period AMI mainly supplied ceramic magnets.

1999 - 2004
Armstrong Magnetics, Inc. was incorporated in Auburn Washington.  AMI established its own warehouse for stocking neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, ceramic magnets, magnetic assemblies and tools, etc.  AMI also began to fabricate some of its magnet assemblies.

2004 - Present
Armstrong Magnetics, Inc. moved to Bellingham Washington and now has over 1 million magnets in stock.  Starting in 2011, AMI began manufacturing its NL-B series permanent lifting magnets.  In 2014, AMI had successfully finished  a new series of electro permanent lifting magnets. 

All of our magnet materials, magnet assemblies and lifting magnet are manufactured in ISO9001 certified factories and meet MMPA Standards.  Lifting magnets are made in factory in China using AMI designs and under AMI quality controls.  Armstrong Magnetic, Inc. dispatches engineers to manage production and ensure quality control at Innov Magnetics Ltd.

We strive to provide our customers with the best quality magnetic products, the fastest deliveries, the most reliable technical services, and highly competitive pricing.