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Automatic Mini Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet EPB-A

auto on-off lifting magnet EPB-A660
Compact and convenient, this magnetic lifting device features a strong permanent magnet that is switched between the "on" and "off" states with an electrical pulse. With built-in sensing system, it turns the magnetism on or off every full cycle with a self-regulate shaft. When the magnet lands on a steel plate each time, its magnetic status alternates, thus its lifting power is produced or disappeared automatically. The operator also has the option to manually control the magnet by pressing the push buttons located on the side of the unit. Operators only need to press the "ON/OFF" button at the beginning and end of lifting job. If required, magnetization can also be switched on or off by pressing the button of “MAG/DEMAG” at its front panel.  Electrical power is not required during the lifting process.

Available Models
330 lbs: EPB-A330
660 lbs: EPB-A660


  • With complete battery charge, 300 cycles of lifting and releasing a load AUTOMATICALLY
  • Powerful yet extremely compact ang light weight
  • A collision barrier protecting it from impact
  • A display showing battery level and automatically stop working after the battery level is too low
  • In compliance with ASME B30.20.
(Note: Each time when the magnet lands on floor, the crane sling must be fully relaxed.)

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