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Automatic Mini Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet EPB-A400

Auto ON/OFF Mini electro permanent lifting magnets EPB-A400


Product Description

No need to rotate a lever or press a button during each lift operation. When the magnet lands on a steel plate each time, its magnetic status alternates, thus its lifting power is produced or disappeared. Operators only need to press the "ON/OFF" button at the beginning and end of lifting job. If required, magnetization can also be switched on or off by pressing the button of “MAG/DEMAG” at its front panel.


  • Automatic lifting and releasing your load
  • Safety Factor 3:1
  • Powerful yet extremely small and light
  • Operate in areas with limited space access
  • A collision barrier protecting it from impact
  • A display showing battery level
  • Automatically stop working after the battery level is too low
  • Green light shows the magnet has lifting power
  • Red light shows battery level is too low and the magnet stops working
  • Li-Po battery provides 300 cycles of lifting and releasing a load
  • Complying with ASME B30.20.

Product Specifications

  • Working Temperature = 32-122°F
  • Net Weight = 11 lbs
  • Dimension without collision barrier = 4” x 4” x 7”
  • Dimension with collision barrier = 5⅜” x 5⅜” x 7”

Brand:  Armstrong LiftMag™

Model:  EPB-A400

P/N: 88170


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Operation (Note: Each time when the magnet lands on floor, the crane sling must relax.)

Operator’s Action Magnet Function Battery Level Display Green Light of “MAG” “POWER” Red Light (Low Battery)
Place the magnet at a load and press the button of ON/OFF Magnetized and thus attract the load Indicating battery level Green Off
Lift the magnet with the load attracted and move them to destination. Keep Magnetized and holding force, even in battery failure. Indicating battery level Green Off
Down them slowly and place them at floor. Demagnetized and thus the holding force is clean out. Indicating battery level Off Off
Lift the magnet alone. Keep Demagnetized and no holding force. Indicating battery level Off Off
Repeat and Continue Lifting
When the Battery is too low for full magnetization. The magnet stops working, but still keeps last status, with or without holding force. Off Same as its last status, Green or Off. Off
If both green light and Red light are on, it means that the magnet is still holding the load but not able to release it due to low battery. In order to release the load from the magnet, down the magnet to floor, press the button of ON/OFF, then quickly press the button of MAG/DEMAG Magnetized and then demagnetized, so the holding force is clean out. On then Off Green then Off Off then Red
Finally, press the button of ON/OFF to get all lights off.

Rated Lifting Capacity of EPB-A400

Thickness of Flat Load Air Gap
> 1.18" 1" 0.4" 0.25" 0.14" 0 1/128" 1/64"
400 lb 360 240 lb 120 lb 60 lb 100% 54% 22%