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Automatic Hands-Free Permanent Lifting Magnets

Automatic Hands Free Permanent Lifting Magnet attracts and releases a steel plate alternatively every time it raises from and lands on the ground, without manually turning a lever.  No electricity or battery required.  Smooth operation and easy maintainence.  It is a necessity for loading and unloading steel plates from burn tables and anywhere that limits operator access, or for repetitive lifting tasks.  All models are designed and produced with safety factor 3:1, in accordance to ASME 30.20 Standard.

Model and Product Detail Image

Rated Capacity for Flat Loads (lb)

Break Away Force (lb) P/N
AP-A220 Auto Permanent Lifting Magnet, AP-1000 220  660  81602
AP-1000 Auto Permanent Lifting Magnet, AP-1000 1,000  3,000  81610 
AP-1500 Auto Permanent Lifting Magnet AP-1500 1,500 4,500 81615
AP-3000 Automatic Permanent Lifting Magnet AP-3000 3,000  9,000  81630
AP-5000 Auto Permanent Lifting Magnet, AP-5000 5,000  15,000  81650