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Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet EPB, Battery Activated

electro permanent lifting magnets EPB

Armstrong's EPB lifting magnets are switched on and off by an integrated battery. They are extremely powerful, compact in size, and can be easily controlled at its front panel or by a wireless remote control to safely lift flat or round loads.

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Model P/N Rated Capacity For Flat Load (lb) Break Off Force at 3" Plate Load (lb) Rated Capacity For Round Load (lb) Net Weight (lb)
EPB-3000 88130 3000 9000 750 215
EPB-6000 88160 6000 18,000 1500 420

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  • With complete battery charge, 300 cycles of lifting and releasing a load AUTOMATICALLY
  • Powerful yet extremely compact ang light weight
  • A collision barrier prtecting it from impact
  • A display showing battery level and automatically stop working after the battery level is too low
  • In compliance with ASME B30.20.
  • Single chip micro-computer controls that detect the magnetic conditions and warn operator if there is insufficiency in magnetization, demagnetization, or electric power
  • Activate battery with minimum energy consumption
  • Double Magnetizations
  • Lifting capacity can be selected in 3 levels
  • Convenient control at the control panel and/or by a wireless remote control (optional)
  • Demagnetization lock after lifting magnet lifts load
  • Warning Signal
  • DEMAG for safe operation