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Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet System (EPBS) - Battery Activated

Electro Permanent Magnet Lifting System  A single lifting magnet cannot lift a steel plate with large surface size as the plate could bend and then peel off after being lifted.  But Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet System (EPBS) can do that.

EPBS is composed of a control cabinet and a few magnet modules hanged under the extended beams. A battery is used for only a few seconds to switch on and off the EPBS. EPBS maintains consistent holding power to load without any electricity after it is activated.

EPBS can be controlled at its control cabinet or by a wireless remote control to safely lift loads.
Control Cabinet of Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet Control Cabinet EPBS-C30
- Double magnetizations
- 3 levels of lifting capacity
- DEMAG in safe operation
- Dautanac switch
- Sound and light warning if not fully magnetized
Wireless Remote Control Wireless Remote Control
Moduls of Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet System    EPBS Module
Lifting Capacity: 99 lbs, 330 lbs, 660lbs, 990lbs.
- Spring hang mechanism
- Movable/adjustable along the cross beam

Main Beam
- Length: 6', 8', 10', 12'
- Zinc hot-dip coated

Cross Beam
- Length: 3', 4', 5', 6'
- Zinc hot-dip coated
- Movable along the main beam