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Customer's Application Data for Lifting Magnet

In order to help you choose the right model of lifting magnets, please fill up this form and submit it to us.  The more detailed information you provide, the better we are able to recommend a suitable magnet for your specific usage.

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    1. Company Information

  1. 3. For Flat Load Application

  2. The Dimensions of your thinnest plate (in.):

  3. The Dimensions of your longest plate (in.):

  4. The Dimensions of your heaviest plate (in.):

  5. 4. For Round Load Application
    The dimensions of your round load with the smallest diameter (in.)

  6. The dimensions of your round load with the largest diameter (in.):


  8. 6. Surface Condition


  10. 8. If the temperature of your load and the work environment is between 23°F - 113°F, you don't need to answer the following questions.