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Lifting Magnets - Knowledge Base

Safe Operational Rules When Using Lifting Magnets

Accidents can happen at any time when a heavy work load is being lifted, hung and moved by lifting magnets, especially when not obeying the strict operation rules, or operating the devices that have not been inspected before use. Any dropping of heavy work load would result in personal injury or even death as well as property damage. The following Safety Operation Rules must be kept in mind and observed in operating the lifting magnets.

  • Never allow any unauthorized personnel to operate the lifting magnets.
  • Never use the lifting magnet before inspecting it.
  • Always be confident that any lifting must have 3:1 safety factor.
  • Stay clear of the work load any time.
  • Warn all personnel in the site before you are going to lift a work load.
  • No vibration of or impact to the lifting magnet in transportation.
  • Never move the lifting magnet and load over or close to personnel.
  • Prohibit any personnel close to, stand or pass under the magnet.
  • Always pay your close attention until the load has been landed.
  • Never operate the lifting magnet at temperature greater than 148oF.
There are some more safety instructions, reminders and experiences:
  • Make load surface clean. Remove dust, burrs, unnecessary paints and chips from it.
  • In most situations the lifting magnets don’t reach their “Rated Max. Lifting Capacity” in chart 2. See the “Estimation of Reduction of the Max. capacity” at page 5, 6, 7 and 8.
  • Don't turn the handle without any load underneath. It should damage the lifting magnet.
  • Load must stay in level during lifting.
  • Use a spreader bar hanging two or more lifting magnets to lift big plate.
  • If it is hard to turn the handle from “Off” to “On” position, the load could be too thin, or the air gap between the load and the lifting magnet could be too big. Turn the handle in an extremely hard manner could damage the lifting magnet.
  • Never lift more than one sheet at a time.
  • Always gently and smoothly lift, move and lay down the lifting magnet and load without sudden acceleration and deceleration.