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Lifting Magnets - Product Info

Application Safety for Thin and Large Metal Plate

The NL-660B lifting magnet in the photo is lifting a plate metal of 106" x 60" x 0.21" thick and 370 lbs. But the lifting is not safe because the plate is very thing and too big by using a NL-660B. If there is any vibration, swinging, sudden acceleration or deceleration, impaction and objection, the plate should be dropped.

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NL-660B has a lifting capacity of 660 lbs, why does it not lift 370 lbs safely? The answer is:

1) The lifting capacity becomes smaller as its thickness less a certain value. NL-660B can get the rated lifting capacity of 660 lbs if the work load thickness is 1” or thicker. 

2) After the plate of big size is lifted, it becomes bending and is easy to be peeled off from the lifting magnet to drop.

In order to lift the big and thin plate safely, you have to use two NL-660B lifting magnets with a spreader bar FB-1320.

Two lifting magnets with a spread beam lift a big and thin plate.