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Lifting Magnets

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Permanent Lifting Magnets

automatic permanent lifting magnet automatic permanent lifting magnet Automatic Permanet Lifting Magnets attract and release steel plates alternatively every time it raises from and lowers onto the ground, without manually turning a lever.  Available with rated lifting capacity of 220, 1000, 1500, 3000, and 5000 lbs.
Permanent Lifting Magnets Permanent Lifting Magnets
Permanet Lifting Magnets hold, transfer and release round or flat ferrous parts without any electrical power supply, simply by rotating its handle from the OFF position to ON.  The lifting capacities are between 330 and 4,400 lbs, and there are 3 types of hoist rings and 2 types of release mechanisms to meet clients' application needs.
Magnetic Plate Lifter  Magnetic Plate Lifter Magnetic Plate Metal Lifters lift thin and thick plate metals with easy release mechanism while leaving no scratch on the workload surface.  Available with rated lifting capacities of 660 and 1320 lbs.
magnetic sheet handler or magnetic gripper Magnetic Sheet Handlers or Magnetic Grippers are ideal for light manual lifting operations and with maximum rated lifting capacity of 150 lbs and 250 lbs.
Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifters pick up and transfer ferrous parts, such as sheet metal, metal shavings, nails, screws, nuts, Frankford Arsenal tumbler pins, etc. Available in 20 and 35 lbs lifting capacities* with short and long handles.

*For lifting flat steel plates; lifting capacities are much lower for attracting nails, steel shavings etc.

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets (EPLM) use electricity for less than one second to switch on or off the magnetic power of the magnets. They don't need any electrical power when they hold the loads in case of the power supply mains failure.  The lifting capacity is up to 22,000 lbs.
Automatic Mini Lifting Magnet EPB-A330 and EPB-A660
Automatic ON/OFF Mini Lifting Magnets (magnetic status alternates each time magnets land on load) with battery activation. 

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet Battery Activated
Battery activated

EPB Series Lifting Magnets
EPBS Series Lifting Magnet Systems
Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet System  
Mains Electricity Activated

EP Series Lifting Magnets
EPS Series Lifting Magnet Systems

Beam and Parts for Multiple Lifting Magnets

Two Lifting Magnets with a beam  
Spreader Beams FB-1320 are required to connect multiple lifting magnets to safely lift sizeable plates to avoid plate bending and peeling when using single magnet.  Rated capacity of 1320 lbs with several spacing options within 65-inch spread.
Two Lifting Magnets with a beam
Fixed Beams FB-8800 have lifting capacity of 8800 lbs with 20-inch fixed separation.
Rectangular Tube Beam Parts
Parts for Rectangular Tube Beams include lift rings and hangers for 3"x3" tube, 4"x4" tube and 4"x6" tube and spring hangers with 220, 440 and 660 rated lifting capacities.

Armstrong designs, manufactures and distributes lifting magnets in accordance with ASME B30.20. standard for wide range of applications using permanent, electro-permanent, and electro magnetic technologies.  Armstrong strives to produce lifting magnets that are powerful, versatile, safe and easy to use. 

Lifting Capacity - Armstrong Lifting Magnets have lifting capacity from 330 lbs up to 4,400 lbs for flat and round loads, such as plates, slabs, billets, tubes and more.  Keep in mind that there are many factor that can affect their maximum rated lifting capacity, i.e. flat load thickness, surface smoothness, carbon content in steel plate, temperature, etc.  

Safe Lifting - Armstrong Lifting Magnets are built in a sturdy construction with solid handles and have a 3:1 safety factor. We test the break off force of every lifting magnet before it is shipped to customer. Each lifting magnet has its unique serial number and test report. 

Solutions not only sales - Before Armstrong Lifting Magnets are being shipped out or even before customer places orders on them, we would call the customer to discuss the specifications of the loads to be lifted in order to accurately determine the correct lifting magnets' type and model for the customer's application.

For more details on product information, general knowledge, or new updates of our products, click here or contact our technical team to support if you're unsure which model is most suitable for your specific lifting application or what you as the end-user should follow to comply ASME B30.20. rules.   Armstrong continues to develop newly innovated lifting magnets to meet your job requirement.