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Ceramic Magnet Assemblies

- Ceramic magnet assemblies are made up of steel parts and a ceramic magnet, bonded together with epoxy.

- Max pull is tested on a ½” thick and flat machined steel plate. But the actual pull should be much smaller if your steel is thinner, rough, rusty, coated or not very flat. For any critical applications, three-time safety factor is strongly recommended.

- Besides standard models listed bellow, we can make assemblies based on custom designs.

- Applications include magnetic holding, lifting, antenna mounting, positioning, retrieving and more.

- For bonding techniques, please refer to Process files of bonding magnets and metals to make a magnetic assembly.

Magnet Assembly Ceramic Cup Assemblies
RB Cup Assemblies
Magnet Assembly Ceramic Cup Assemblies Black Painted
RB Cup Assembly Black
Magnet Assembly Ceramic Cup Assemblies Stainless Steel Cover
RB Cup Assembly Stainless Steel
Magnet Assembly Ceramic Cup Assemblies with PVC boot
PVC Boot for RB
(Assembly not Included)
Magnet Assembly Ceramic Cup Assemblies with Rubber Boot
Rubber Boot for RB
(Assembly not included)
Magnet Assembly Ceramic Cup Assembly with Parts

RB Cup Assembly with Parts