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Rubber Covered Neodymium Magnetic Holders

RRB Rubber Covered Neodymium Magnet Assemblies

- Composed of Neodymium magnet, mild steel plate and the rubber coat which is to protect your parts from scratching.

- There is a through hole at the center for mounting.

- Max pull is tested on a ½” thick and flat machined steel plate. The actual pull should be smaller if your steel is thinner, rough, rusty, coated or not very flat. For any critical applications, three-time safety factor is strongly recommended.

- Max operating temperature is 148°F (65°C)

Rubber Covered Neodymium Magnetic Holders Rubber Covered Neodymium Magnetic Holders Rubber Covered Neodymium Magnetic Holders Dimensions


Part No. Model OD (in.) ID (in.) T (in.) Rubber Coating Inner Dia [RID] (in.) Rubber Coating Inner Depth [RIH] (in.) Max Pull (lb) Price (US$) Order Online
62501 RRB-30 1.378 0.193 0.216 0.374 0.118 15 3.60 Temporarily Out of Stock
62502 RRB-50 2.047 0.256 0.315 0.748 0.196 25 7.50 Online shopping for Armstrong Magnetics neodymium magnet assemblies