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Magnet Assemblies Overview

    Ceramic Magnet Assy

    Neodymium Magnet     Assembly

    Custom Magnet Assy

Magnetic Assembly

Permanent magnets, steel parts and/or non-magnetic parts are assembled together to build a magnetic assembly for purpose of getting a strong holding to a ferromagnetic load or establishing a magnetic field in a given space. Armstrong Magnetics designs and develops standard and custom magnetic assemblies both theoretically and empirically. Our deliberate designers for the magnetic structures, skilled workmen for prototypes, and experienced process engineers for production and workfellows for fabricating the magnetic assemblies strictly in accordance to process documents are our most valuable talents and therefore a reliable quality assurance.

Magnetic Assembly in Stock

We have more than 200,000 standard magnetic assemblies in stock at Bellingham WA for immediate releases. These standard magnetic assemblies are Ceramic Magnetic Assemblies and Neodymium Magnetic Assemblies, each in variety of sizes and holding capacities.

Ceramic Magnetic Assemblies in Stock

Magnet Assemblies Ceramic Magnetic Holders
Cup Assemblies
Magnet Assemblies Ceramic Magnetic Holders Black Painted
Cup Assembly Black Painted
RB Black
Magnet Assemblies Ceramic Magnetic Holders Stainless Steel Cover
Cup Assembly Stainless Steel
BR Stainless
Magnet Assemblies Ceramic Magnetic Holders with PVC Boot
PVC Boot for RB
(Cup Assembly not included)
Magnet Assemblies Ceramic Magnetic Holders with Rubber Boot
Rubber Boot for RB
(Cup Assembly not included)
Magnet Assemblies Ceramic Magnetic Holders Channel Magnet Assembly
Channel Assembly
with Loop

Neodymium Magnetic Assemblies in Stock

Neodymium Magnetic holder
NRB-A,B,C,D Holders
Neodymium Magnetic holder NRB
NRB Holders
Neodymium Magnetic holder Rubber Covered
RRB Rubber Covered

Custom Magnetic Assembly

Mostly we fabricate custom magnetic assemblies per customers’ prints, but sometimes we cooperate with their project engineers from prototypes to production. During the research and the development of new magnetic assemblies, both the theory of magnetic circuits and empiricist evidence would be employed.

Magnetic Field Simulation Magnetic Flux Density Distribution A Dipole Magnet

Some of the custom magnetic assemblies we made ...  

Samarium Magnetic assembly small size
Neodymium Magnet Assembly Powerful Field
Magnetic Couplings
Motor Magnet Assembly Motor Magnet Assembly Motor Magnet Assembly

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