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Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic Magnets

- High working temperature.
- Resistant to corrosion
- Cheap
- Not Very Powerful
- Hard and Brittle
- Calculation Tools, including Flux Density and Pull Force Determination.

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Magnetic Properties

Ceramic Magnets Grade Max. Energy Product (BH)max (MGO) Residul Induction Br (gauss) Coercive Force Hc (oersteds) Intrinsic Coercive Force Hci (oersteds) Max. Operating Temperature (oF/oC)
C1 1.05 2300 1860 3250 842/450
C5 3.40 3800 2400 2500 842/450
C8 3.50 3850 2950 3050 842/450

General information on Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic Magnets are made from strontium carbonate and iron oxide. Ceramic magnets are black in color and are hard and brittle. Ceramic magnets are the most widely used magnet in the home, industry and commerce due to good resistance to demagnetization and the lowest cost among all kinds of magnets.
Grade C1 ceramic magnets are made of non-oriented materials and have less magnetic strength than Grade C5 and C8.
Grade C5 and C8 ceramic magnets are magnetic oriented and are magnetized only through the oriented direction, but they are more powerful than C1.C8 ceramic magnets have higher resistance to magnetic demagnetization than C5 and C1.
For more detailed information on ceramic magnets, please see the table below.

Applications of Ceramic Magnets

- DC motors
- Speakers
- Magnetic Holders
- Magnetic Lifters
- Magnetic Separators and
- Different magnetic assemblies and tools

Tolerance of Ceramic Magnet

The tolerance of ceramic magnets on the dimensions between unfinished surfaces is ±2% or ±0.025” whichever is greater, and tolerance on the dimensions between finished surfaces is ±0.005”. Tolerance on thickness of C5 and C8 ceramic magnets are always ±0.005”.

Quality Quarantee for Ceramic Magnet

We make ceramic magnets in a ISO-9002 certified workshop and we provide test reports, including the B-H Curve Plot, of delivered ceramic magnet to our customers. We have supplied ceramic magnets to some of leading magnet distributors and magnet manufacturers due to consistent high quality.

The following table is as per MMPA standard of Magnetic and physical properties of ceramic magnet material. Our ceramic magnets meet or, in most time, exceed the Standard.

Large Stock of Ceramic Magnets at WA

We have a large inventory of ceramic magnets with stock sizes of ceramic magnets, which are most widely used in different applications. These ceramic magnets are ready for immediate delivery.

Large range of existing molds for Ceramic Magnets

If you can not find the size of the ceramic magnets you want in our stock sizes, please let us know what size you need to order. We have a large range of existing molds and tooling for ceramic magnets of different sizes. We will have to arrange production after the receipt of your order and the lead time is 8 to 12 weeks. For this kind of magnet order, we accept only the orders of at least $1,000.00 because of the amount of work involved in production and handling.