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Custom Magnets Ceramic

Custom Magnet Materials

Custom magnets are not available in our inventory and are made exclusively for a customer and its particular purchase order.

We issue a quote indicating price and delivery for any inquiry of custom magnets and start the production after receipt of customer PO and payment. The price of custom magnets would be more expensive than off-shelf products and lead time would be 6 – 8 weeks.

We often make custom magnets for hi-tech customers with Neodymium, SmCo and Ceramic magnets in large and very small sizes.

Because custom magnets are produced solely for the customer who places the PO and cannot be useful for any others, any PO for custom magnets cannot be cancelled. In the case the customers no longer want the custom magnets after placing the order, they are still responsible for the payment. Customer should make a careful consideration before ordering custom magnets.

In your RFQ, please provide us the following information:
- Magnet material (Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt or Ceramic)
- Grade, refer to each magnet material's properties page
- Dimensions (and +/- tolerance) or engineering drawing
- Magnetization orientation
- Plating or coating
- Quantity

Below are some of examples custom magnets.

Motor Magnets  Armstrong Magnetics Inc. custom magnet Custom Magnets Ring
Custom Magnets Ring Custom Magnet Ring Ferrite Custom Magnets Samarium Motor Magnets