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Samarium Cobalt Magnets Rectangle

Samarium Cobalt Magnets

- Very powerful
- High working temperature
- Extremely resistant to demagnetization
- Resistant to corrosion
- Most expensive
- Calculation Tools , including Flux Density and Pull Force Determination.

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Sintered Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets fall into two groups of chemical composition: SmCo5 and Sm2Co17. Armstrong Magnetics has large range of stocked sized, including micro-sized, to choose from and accepts orders for custom Samarium Cobalt magnets as per customer design.

Samarium Cobalt magnets offer super combination of
extremely high magnetic standard, excellent thermal stability and distinguished corrosion resistance. Sm2Co17 is better than SmCo5 in all respects. Because of these merits, Samarium Cobalt magnets are ideal component specially in applications where temperature changes across a broad range or environment is corrosive, such as chemical pump couplings.

Extremely Powerful
The (BH)max of Sm2Co17 is up to 30 MGOe and its Br up to11,000 Gauss.

Very High Resistance to Demagnetization
Maximum Hci of Samarium Cobalt magnets are as high as 25 KOe.

Suitable for Heat Applications
Reversible temperature coefficient is -.03 ~ -.0435 of Br/°C. Maximum working temperature is 250 ~ 300°C, under which Samarium Cobalt magnets maintain good magnetic property to temperature changing.

Outstanding Resistance to Corrosion
There is no need of surface treatment to Samarium Cobalt magnets even if they will work in humid environments.

Hard and Brittle
It is not possible to machine Samarium Cobalt magnets with conventional machining. Samarium Cobalt magnets can be abrasively machined with coolant served to absorb heating and dust. Without coolant, rare earth magnets could crack and chip by the heat produced during high speed cutting or grinding, and the sparks contain the easily oxidized grinding dust that could cause fire!