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Armstrong Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-660A
660 lbs Max. Lift Capacity, 1,980 lbs Breakaway Force

Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-660A



Armstrong LiftMag™ PL-A permanent magnetic plate lifter is a great improvement from our previous PL lifters designed and made for holding, carrying and releasing flat ferrous parts without any electrical power supply. They attract ferrous parts by lowering or raising their Release Handles to touch or keep away from load surfaces. The Release Handle was uniquely designed to achieve easy "One-Hand" operation.  Armstrong LiftMag™ has Limited 1-year Warranty for PL-A series lifting magnets.


Brand: Armstrong LiftMag™

Model: PL-660A

P/N: 81304

GTIN: 00851940007136

Reg. Price: $494.44

Sales: $445.00
(Support for Release Lever Sold Separately) Online purchase for PL-660A Magnetic Plate Lifter

Support for Release Lever (for 1 hand operation and for holding the release lever in place without using hand - highly recommended) $10.00 Online purchase for Support of Release Lever for PL-660A Magnetic Plate Lifter
Note: The clamp style has been discontinued. Currently style is the "C" metal stand.
PL-660A Spring Support
Additional Lever (Do you have thin plates? Check out our as an optional add-on to easily release thin plates.) $50.00 Online purchase for PL-660A Magnetic Plate Lifter's Additional Lever Additional Lever for easily releasing thin plates

Ship: 1-3 days via UPS Ground

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Engineering drawing for Armstrong Magnetics Magnetic Plate Lifter


  • Breakaway force of 1,980 lbs, Tested at 3" Flat Clean Ground Mild Steel Plate
  • For Safety Factor 3:1, max rated lifting cpcty of 660 lbs; For Safety Factor 2:1, max rated lifting cpct of 990 lbs
  • Easy release mechanism using one hand, leaving no scratches on plate surface
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Lift Horizontally or Vertically
  • Lift thick or thin plates
  • For large thin plates, multiple units can be connected by a spreader beam to form a lifting system that only requires 1-person to operate.
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance to ASME B30.20. and RoHS Compliant

Product Specifications

Main Body Length (L)
Overall Width (W)
Main Body Thickness (T)
Overall Height (H)
Overall Length (L+E)
Lifting Eye Internal Diameter (ID)
Max. Working Temperature (°F)
Net Weight
Shipping Weight
Housing of magnet and lifting yoke
Hand Operated
17 lbs
20 lbs
Alumimum Alloy

The Lifting Capacity of PL-660A derated by

Thickness of Flat Load Air Gap Vertical Lift
>3/4" 1/2" 1/4" 1/8" 0 1/256" 1/128" 1/64" -
660 lb 550 lb 250 lb 150 lb 100% 75% 60% 30% 20-30%