Armstrong Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter PH-20   
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Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter PH-20

Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifter PH-20



Pick up and transfer ferrous parts, such as sheet metal, metal shavings, nails, screws, nuts, Frankford Arsenal tumbler pins, etc. To release the attracted parts, simply pull the T Shaped Release Bar upwards.


Brand: Armstrong LiftMag™

Model: PH-20

P/N: 82202


Sales: $49.50
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Ship: 1-3 days via UPS Ground

Product Specifications

  • 4” x 4” x 8.66” (The Stainless-Steel Housing diameter is 3.543”)
  • 1.6 lbs


  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • One big magnet with powerful pull force inside the housing
  • Water proof bottom
  • The Silicon Rubber Ring prevents attracted parts from moving upwards
  • Sturdy structure

Max Lifting Capacity

  • 20 lbs for flat steel plate
  • 1 lb for nails and pins
  • 0.5 lb for loose metal shavings