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Magnetic Sheet Pickup Handle

Magnetic Sheet Handler

- Handy, light, safe and powerful.
- Place the magnetic sheet handler on a sheet metal and lift it.
- Lower its handle quickly to release sheet metal.
- Pick up just a single 1/16" or thicker sheet from a stack, without clinging others.
- Use two or four of the magnetic gripper with a spreader beam/frame to lift a thin sheet metal of big size

* We will soon be replacing the current SH-66 with a more sturdy and greater strength of magnetic sheet handler - please stay tuned.

Part No. Model Length (in.) Width (in.) Weight (lb) Holding (lb) Sliding (lb) Break Off (lb) Max Penetration Max Working Temp. (oF) Price after Discount (US$) Order Online
81205 SH-66 6.2 5.8 2.8 66 20 200 1/16" 176 95.00 purchase Armstrong magnetic sheet handle