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Steel Molds for Casting Aluminum Parts of New PL Lifting Magnets

Posted on Sept 19, 2016

Since the PL series lifting magnets, i.e. PL-550 and PL-1100, have been put on the market for decades, our customers have been generally satisfied with them. The advantages of PL series lifting magnets compared with normal permanent lifting magnets, such as our NL-B series lifting magnets, are that

  • PL is suitable for lifting thin sheet metal.
  • PL can swivel a load from horizontal to vertical position.
However, we have noticed a few issues in the original designs,
  • The bonding strength between the Aluminum housing and the poles is not very strong.
  • Very thin sheet metals cannot be detached from the bottom of the lifting magnet completely.
In order to overcome the shortcomings mentioned above, we are now developing new PL series lifting magnets to replace the current PL-550 and PL-1100.
New PL Lifting Magnets Mold
We have finished the designs for the new PL lifting magnets with a few rated capacities and now are making a set of steel molds which are for casting the Aluminum housing and hoist part of the lifting magnet. We would be able to finish the molds before the end of October 2016.

After finishing the molds, we will assembly the PL lifting magnets with magnets, poles and other parts and then carry out a series of testings on them. 

In order to keep our customers informed of the developing process of the new PL lifting magnets, we will continue to report the updated production process in the near future.