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Advantages of Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-660A Over Other Lifting Magnets

Posted on September 4, 2017

Below is a quick visual comparison on the appearances of our new magnetic plate lifter PL-660A and the current PL-550. Let us explain the major improvements PL-660B has over PL-550.

PL-660A Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-550 Magnetic Plate Lifter
New Plate Lifter PL-660A Current Plate Lifter PL-550

  • First but most important, PL-660A has a special mechanism for fixing its magnetic poles. This mechanism keeps all poles in position without any movement under a powerful pull force.

  • Unique function: Equipped with a support of release lever.

    There is a Support for Release Lever, which holds the release lever on top in position and therefore the lever keeps the release slider at low position.  While PL-660A  like similar permanent lifting magnets, have the tendency to approach and touch the steel plate load, the release slider, which is at low position, keeps the magnetic pole away from the plate with a significant air gap and thus the magnetic lifter cannot impact the plate due to the strong magnetic attracting force.

    For our current PL-550 and all other magnetic plate lifters on market, operator must raise the lever by hand and hold it in position to place them onto a load. Otherwise, there certainly will be a collision between the load and the magnetic poles. This collision could possibly harm the structure of the magnetic plate lifter. To take the lifter away from a steel plate, operator must hold the release lever in the top position for same reason.

    Because of the Support of Release Lever equipped at PL-660A, operators don’t need to hold the lever in the top position at the time when placing the lifter to or taking it away from a steel plate. You must know that other magnetic plate lifters on the market is to be operated like this.

    We believe that PL-660A equipped with the Support of Release Lever should be the easiest magnetic plate lifter to use, compared not only to other magnetic plate lifters of same type on the market, but also to all permanent lifting magnets of any types.

  • To achieve stronger structure, we apply larger stainless steel lifting eye, lifting yoke of big size, thicker release bar and stainless pin shafts.

  • Magnetic plate lifter PL-660A can lift steel plates in horizontal and vertical positions. Of course, our current PL-550 can do so as well, but most other similar industrial lifting magnets on the market cannot.

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