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Developing New Magnetic Lifters, PL-660 and PL-1320

Posted on July 24, 2016

Old version of Armstrong's magnetic lifter PL-550

We will be supplying new products, magnetic lifters model PL-660 and PL-1320, in the near future to replace our current PL-500 and PL-1100.

Magnetic plate lifter PL-660 will have lifting capacity of 660 lb and PL-1320 has lifting capacity of 1,320 lb. They will be more reliable and more powerful than PL-500 and PL1100 respectively.

Corresponding to the current magnetic plate lifters, the new products will have a few improvements as follows:

  • The most crucial change in magnetic plate lifter PL-660 and PL-1320 is the mechanical structure for fixing magnetic pole. In order to keep the magnetic poles in position against the gravity of the load underneath, the new magnetic plate lifters are installed with a more reliable mechanism that is completely different from the current magnetic plate lifters PL-500 and PL-1100.
  • The housings of both current and new magnetic plate lifters are filled epoxy which is also for fixing the magnetic poles in position. But the inner profiles of the new magnetic plate lifters are more helpful to keep the hardened epoxy in position, even if the epoxy had a little deformation.
  • The Aluminum housings of the current magnetic plate lifters are casted in sand moulds, instead the new products will be made in metal moulds. The housings of the new products will have better appearance and with casting patterns.
Beside the ones mentioned above, there will be a few additional improvements in PL-660 and PL-1320. If you are interested in details of them or have questions about them, please contact us at  Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.