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Purchasing Procedure for Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

Posted on August 8, 2016

Armstrong Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

Purchasing an electro permanent lifting magnet or a lifting system is an expensive investment. It could cost a few thousands up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Unlike permanent lifting magnet design, electro permanent lifting magnets have more complex structures.  So that the procedure for inquiry, discussion, quote, order, production and delivery of this magnetic lifting device could be an extended period of time.

What are the purchasing steps and what areas must you pay attention?

  • In your inquiry for an electro permanent lifting magnet, you must clearly and completely describe:
    • The conditions of the workpieces to be lifted, such as the weight, thicknesses, sizes, surface conditions (roughness, rusty, paint, etc.), and the material composition (low or high Carbon).
    • Working temperature of the workpieces and ambient temperature. For lifting hot workpieces, we need the information on
      • The highest temperature of the workpiece itself.
      • The average amount of time that the lifting magnet poles are in contact with the hot plate in single lifting operation.
      • The average amount of time interval between every two lifting operations.
    • The types of electrical supply used to activate the electro permanent lifting magnet. The power supply should be either battery or mains electricity. If you want to use mains electricity, the voltage, phases (single or three phases) and Hertz must be specified.
    • Type of crane that would be used (single or double hook, etc.).
    • Delivery period required.
    • Sometimes you need to fill out the Lifting Application Data form, which can be obtained at
  • After we receive your inquiry for the electro permanent lifting magnet, we would discuss via email with you for more information about the workpieces to be lifted and other limitations. Based on all requirements and conditions of your lifting application, we would then issue a proposal which includes:
    • Detailed specifications of the electro permanent lifting magnet, such as its main parts, functions, lifting capacity, optional parts, power supply, etc.
    • Lead time and prices.
    • Warranty
  • Except for stocked electro permanent lifting magnets, most of them have to be manufactured after receipt of customer’s purchase order. Since the ordered magnet would be made exclusively for the customer’s specific application, the customer would not be allowed to cancel the purchase order. Customers should carefully consider all aspects of the product before placing an order.
  • We produce and deliver the ordered electro lifting magnets on or before the due date stated in purchase orders. This would not be the end of every transaction between the customers and Armstrong Magnetics, but the begin of our follow-up services providing maintenance, repair and other technical supports for the delivered electro permanent lifting magnet. We would provide after-sales service during the product's lifetime.