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Introducing NL-BV Vertical Lifting Magnets

Posted on June 1, 2017

As a lifting magnets supplier, we always listen to our clients’ feedback and would work with them to design and manufacture industrial lifting magnets in order to satisfy their job requirement. Based on customers’ application needs, we have recently started production of a new series of NL-B permanent lifting magnets with side hoist ring for lifting from horizontal to vertical direction or vice versa. NL-BV have the exact functionality as their corresponding NL-B models. NL-BV and NL-B have the same rated lifting capacity for flat or round steel loads with safety factor of 3:1 exceeding ASME B30.20. compliance. NL-330BV, NL-660BV and NL-1320BV have maximum vertical lifting capacity of 66 lbs, 132 lbs and 264 lbs correspondingly with safety factor of 3:1 on flat, clean, thick, low-carbon steel plates. With this option, they significantly increase production efficiency for placing ferrous metal plates in and out of vertical storage racks and conveniently transfer the loads in tight working areas. Like all other NL-B magnetic lifting devices, they come with free Limited Lifetime Warranty. They will soon be available in stock for fast delivery. With minimal increase in the price, these permanent lifting magnets can significantly improve employee safety without using any slings to position the metal parts in vertical orientation. The video demonstration of NL-BV vertical lifting magnets below shows how easy and safe it is to flip the flat load into the vertical position.

Armstrong's NL-BV Vertical Lifting Magnets