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Lifting Magnets System for Large Range of Load Sizes and Shapes

Posted on July 6, 2017

Armstrong Lifting Magnets NL-B series

In most cases, our clients request for lifting magnets or magnetic lifting system to handle loads with a specific weight, size, material and working environment that do not vary much. We always recommend and design magnets that are able to safely and effectively hoist the extremes to accommodate both the thinnest/lightest and the largest/ heaviest loads.

Occasionally, we would receive inquiry on how to handle loads with great variances in weights and sizes. In such circumstances, it is difficult to select one single magnet to handle the much different loads. Besides the technical design of the lifting system, we also need to evaluate the economic feasibility options. To meet certain lifting demands, additional permanent lifting magnets may be added on with spreader bean, instead of purchasing another magnetic lifter with greater maximum lifting capacity.

Every model of lifting magnets has its limitation to maximum lifting capacity and minimum requirement for the load material. For example, to lift a 5’x3’x1” weighing ~626 lbs low Carbon steel plate with clean and flat surface at room temperature, Armstrong NL-660B would be sufficient and safe for such hoisting job. But sometimes, there would be loads in 5’x6’x1’ weighing ~1252 lbs need to be lifted and transferred. First of all, NL-1320B would not work with its lifting capacity being ~1095 lbs for 1” plate thickness, de-rated by 17% from maximum rated holding strength for >1½” thick plates. Although NL-2200B would work with its lifting capacity being ~1496 lbs for 1” thick plates, but its price is more than 3 times of NL-660B and can only be used for the large size plates. For simple operation and little added cost, the customer can purchase another NL-660B and a spreader beam. With 2 units of NL-660B, their combined lifting power would be 1320 lbs with 3:1 safety factor (3960 lbs of breakaway force). The purchased lifting devices can be utilized at optimum with minimal procedural change, and the total cost can be kept low with operational flexibility.

When we make product recommendations to our customers, sales are not our goal. We want to make sure they purchased the most suitable model(s) with the different price options. It is important to provide us as much information about your loads in order for us to provide proper suggestions.