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New Product - Lightweight Handheld Lifting Magnets

Posted on Nov 12, 2018

Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifters

There are lots of industrial lifting magnets for sale in the market. There are pipe lifting magnets, vertical lifting magnets, battery powered eletro permanent lifting magnets and many more, and they are all for large scaled steel loads. But do you have lots of sharp nails, metal shavings, screws or other ferrous metal parts laying around in your shop, but find it too repetitive to safely clean them up? Armstrong has recently completed designing and producing heavy duty Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifters. We offer them with two lift capacities, with short and long handles, to help you easily pick up, transfer and release depending on your application requirement. With very minimal physical effort, you can get your work done safely and quickly, without hurting your back!

These handheld lifting magnets are easy to use quick release by simply pull the T-shaped Release Bar upwards and allow you to focus more on your main job. They are made with durable corrosion-resistant stainless-steel housing with a large magnet inside. With our uniquely designed structure, attracted parts are prevented from moving upwards. They are so lightweight with maximum of 3.3 lbs for the largest model that you would not feel tired even in case of repeated tasks. And most importantly, they can lift up to 1.6 lbs of nails or pins, 0.8 lbs of loose metal shaving or 35 lbs of flat clean steel plate. Lastly, with the long handle option, you can use them to reach ferrous articles at the bottom of any standard 55-gal barrel.

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