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New Inventories - Micro Sized Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Posted on April 8, 2016

Micro Size Samarium Cobalt Magnet Micro Size Samarium Cobalt Magnet compared to dime Size comparison to an American dime.

We recently set up a new stock of small disk Samarium Cobalt magnets  0.039” Dia. X 0.020”, part number 26023. See all available stocked sizes.

This sintered Sm2Co17 Samarium Cobalt magnet properties are listed below:

Grade Br (Gauss) Hc (Oe) Hci (Oe) BHmax (MGO) Tw (Max Working Temp) (oF/oC) Tc (Curie Temp) (oF/oC) Br Temp Coef (%/oC) Hc Temp Coef (%/oC)
30 10,800 -11,000 9,900 - 10,500 >18,000 28 - 30 572/300 1,472/800 -0.03 -0.2

Besides, we have another micro-size Samarium Cobalt magnets of Sm2Co17 grade 24 0.039” Dia. x 0.039” disks in stock. These small Samarium Cobalt magnet materials are well-stocked at Bellingham WA for our customers’ immediate needs.

Small Samarium Cobalt magnets are mainly used as crucial parts in sensors, detectors, magnetic flux sources, magnetic holding and so on.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets Application in Oral cavity repair:
A hospital applied Samarium Cobalt magnet disk as a maxillary segmental hollow pseudo compound denture. The uses of Samarium Cobalt magnets in the enhanced care tooth retention and stability aspects are indeed effective.