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What Are Neodymium Magnets Used For?

Posted on April 5, 2017

Armstrong Neodymium Magnets

Due to their powerful pull force, neodymium magnets are purchased for commercial, industry and research purposes. Almost every one of our customers inquiring the magnets have uniquely different ideas for testing, assembling and finally incorporating them as part of their final products. Here are some common designs and products integrating this strong product.

  • Everyday uses such as magnetic jewelry, magnetic container lid, fridge magnets, magnetic buttons on jackets and costumes, banner holders, cabinet/door latches, and many more for securing/holding items in place or maintaining closure. Generally, customers pair them in their product as their attracting force would be stronger than the force between a single magnet and a metal. Each design may have different requirement for the magnet size and/or pull force, and you may want to test out a few initially and evaluate the most suitable and cost effective option.
  • Our permanent lifting magnets (NL-B series) and magnetic assemblies incorporate neodymium magnets for material handling of steel plates and more powerful magnetic holdings.
  • These magnets can be found in almost all audio equipment, like phones, speakers, headphones and many more.
  • Neodymium magnets with high corrosion resistant plating are beneficial in the medical field and can be safely implanted into human body.
  • NASA uses neodymium magnets to collect space dust from the surface of Mars for examination during each Mars Exploration Rovers mission.
  • Neodymium magnets are used in wind turbines and generators to convert wind energy to more energy-efficient electricity at a greater rate in a more reliable system.
  • Along with strongly diamagnetic materials, they are used in experimental magnetic levitation to suspend an object with no support besides magnetic field. Such method maglev trains, magnetic bearings and to display products.
  • Neodymium magnets work as mounting tools, holders and finders. They can be used as metal detector or nail finders in workshops and warehouses above or under flooring to remove metal parts or debris, stud finders at homes or construction sites (P/N22049 and P/N 22050 - if they are strong enough to hold their own weight on the wall, you have successfully located the stud), tools and knife holders and organizer, and welding clamps to hold metal pieces in place.
  • These magnets are used to filer metal chips out of oil. Most of our stocked magnets only work under 80oC/176oF without permanently lose their force. For higher temperature environment, we can custom make them with different grades. For guideline on magnet grade vs. temperature, please visit Neodymium magnets guideline.
  • Many of our clients from automobile industry manufactures driving motors for hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cells, etc.
  • They are often used in science class and laboratory. For example, use magnetic stir bar to mix solutions, create your own simple compass, use them to demonstrate magnetism principles for teaching purposes, etc. They can be quite educational and exciting for the youngsters.
You can easily find neodymium magnets everywhere around you at home, work and community for domestic and industrial uses. They feed engineers, designers and inventors with endless innovative ideas to create products that help our world a better and more convenient place to live.