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Operate the Powerful Mini Auto ON/OFF Lifting Magnets

Posted on August 31, 2017

Powerful Mini Auto Lifting Magnets Size

Before reading the following chart, it is recommended that you first look at the two articles introducing Armstrong Magnetics’ Mini Auto ON/OFF lifting magnets (Intro and Functions). This chart explains the operational actions to the Auto ON/OFF Lifting Magnet resulting in various functions and status of the magnet.

Operations Functions of the Magnet The Display of Battery Level Light of MAG Light of Low Battery Level
Place the magnet anywhere on the ground and press the POWER button. Demagnetized and holding force, if any, is cleaned out. On Off Off
Lift and move the magnet to a load to be hoisted. Keep demagnetized and no holding force. On Off Off
Lay down the magnetic lifter slowly and place it on the load's surface. Magnetized to produce holding force to the load. On Green Off
Lift the magnet with the load attracted and move them to destination. Keep being magnetized with holding force, even if battery fails. On Green Off
Lay down the lifting magnet and load slowly onto the ground Demagnetized and its holding force is cleaned out. On Off Off
Lift away the magnet alone. Keep being demagnetized with no holding force. On Off Off
Continues and repeat this operational procedure
When the battery becomes low The magnet stops working, but still keeps the latest status, with or without holding force. Off Same as its last status, Green or Off. Yellow
If the light for MAG is green (the magnet is holding the load) and after the magnet stops working, lay down the magnet and load slowly onto the floor and then press the POWER button TWICE. Demagnetized to cleaned out its holding force. On then Off Green then Off Off then yellow
Finally, press the POWER button to turn off all lights.

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