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Recertification for NL-B Permanent Lifting Magnets

Posted on May 20, 2016

Armstrong Magnetics' brand new NL-B Permanent Lifting Magnets Armstrong Magnetics' used NL-B Permanent Lifting Magnets

A brand new lifting magnet could become less physically appealing after a period of use in the typical industrial working environments. The deteriating phyical state should be less of concerns, but most importantly,  the lifting magnet operational functionality should be examined periodically.

American National Standard B30.20-3.3.1(b) is about inspection intervals of Close Proximity Operated Lifting Magnets.

B30.20-3.3.1 (b) Inspection Intervals

"………The intervals, in turn, are dependent upon the nature of the critical components of the lifting magnet and the degree of their exposure to wear, deterioration, or malfunction. …….."

Armstrong Magnetics suggest that when the permanent lifting magnets are working in a harsh working environment, such as frequent collisions, hot loads, contact with acid or alkali, they should get recertified every year at least.

Recertification for NL-B lifting magnets provided by Armstrong Magnetics includes:

  1. Inspect, maintenance, repair or replace:
    • The main body and the rotor.
    • The lift eye.
    • The conditions of pole surface.
    • The rotation of the handle.
    • The safety latch.
    • The end plates and screws.
  2. Load test
    • Test the breakaway force to rerate its lifting capacity with 3:1 safety factor.
  3. Issue a recertification
    • The record of the inspection and the breakaway test.
    • Rerated lifting capacity.