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Repair Permanent Lifting Magnets

Posted on June 13, 2016

Other brands damaged lifting magnets

During the phases of designing and manufacturing NL-B permanent lifting magnets, Armstrong Magnetics pays intensive attention at the firmness of product structure in order to make them highly resistant to impact.

In spite of this, we still do not dare to claim that NL-B permanent lifting magnets could never be damaged in any collisions. In addition, some parts of permanent lifting magnets could be worn off after years of use and would require to be replaced with new ones.

To repair or replace the parts outside of a permanent lifting magnet would not be difficult. Safety latch, handle, instruction plate, end covers, or any screws can be easily replaced without using any special tools. But, if there is a problem with the internal structure of the permanent lifting magnet, you would have to draw the rotor out from the main body and insert it back. While the main body and the rotor are separated from each other, the attracting force between them could be hundreds or thousands of pounds, for instance, Armstrong's NL-4400B.

Drawing the rotor out and insert it back into the main body is a dangerous work which requires a special tool and authorized well-trained technicians to perform safely. The technicians must be experienced and skilled with the behaviour of magnetic field and its magnetic force installed in the rotor and main body.

In order to repair the parts of the rotor of permanent lifting magnets of any brands, Armstrong Magnetics set up a special equipment which works efficiently and safely for this job.

From our confidence in our product quality and the efficiency of our specially designed repair tools, Armstrong Magnetics provides the Limited Lifetime Warranty (10 years) for NL-B permanent lifting magnets.