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Neodymium, Ceramic and Samarium Cobalt Magnets Magnetization Orientation

Posted on June 12, 2017

Neodymium, ceramic, samarium cobalt magnets can be custom-made in various shapes, sizes and magnetization orientations or directions. In this article, we list out and illustrate some of the available options for magnetization orientation which is defined during pressing process and prior to magnetization. Of course, engineers can always request otherwise based on their design requirement. The arrows shown represent the direction from south to north pole and their paths. The strongest attraction points are on the faces where north and south poles come out.

Disc, cylinder and ring magnets can be magnetized axially or diametrically.

Disc Axially Magnetized                    Axial Disc Diametrically Magnetized
Ring Axial Magnetization
Ring Diametrical Magnetization
Cylinder Axial Magnetization
Cylinder Diametrical Magnetization
               Long Ring Axial Magnetization

For block or rectangle magnets, we define the thickness along the axis of magnetization. Thickness can be the smallest or the largest dimension.
Rectangle Thickness MagnetizationRectangle-Thickness-Magnetization

For sphere-shaped magnets, only axial magnetization is available along their diameters.
Sphere Axial Magnetization

For arc magnets, magnetization orientation can be either north on the outer face, south on the outer face, through thickness or through circumference. The true magnetization lines are actually straight and parallel, not along the curve.  Ring magnets can also be magnetized radially.
  Arc Radial Magnetization Ring Radial Magnetization

Arc Circumferencial Magnetization
Arc Axially Magnetized
  Arc Radial MagnetizationRing Radial Magnetization
 Arc Circumference Magnetization

For round, ring or rectangle mounting magnets with axially magnetized magnets assembled in steel frame, magnet poles are deviated leading to concentrated force of attraction along the sides. As a whole assembly, one pole would be facing out and the other pole would be all the way around the cup. The outer cups also act as a protective shield against impact.

As a neodymium, ceramic and samarium cobalt magnets supplier, we can manufacture them in almost any magnetization orientation, and the specifications of the industrial magnets must be determined by customers prior to ordering.   The orientation is not limited to the options shown above, feel free to contact us for manufacturing possibilities.