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Solid vs. Tubular Handles for Permanent Lifting Magnets

Posted on April 15, 2016

Each permanent lifting magnet has a handle which is used for turning on and off the magnetic power by rotating it. The handle is extruded from the main body of the lifting magnets and consequently easy to be subjected to collision.

On the market for permanent lifting magnets, there are two types of the handles. One is tubular handle which is comprised of outer tube and a sliding bar inside. Another is solid handle which is simply a thick iron rod. Here are the photos for your reference. About 10 years ago Armstrong Magnetics manufactured and supplied the NL series permanent lifting magnets which were equipped with tubular handles. They were our 1st generation of permanent lifting magnet device. Unfortunately, our customers claimed that there were problems with the tubular handle design. When transporting lifting magnet with a heavy load attached, the handle had great chances in colliding with other heavy obstacles and would have resulted in deformation of its outer tube.  Even with a minimal degree of deformation,  the bar inside the outer tube would become sticky and therefore could not be rotated between OFF and ON positions. This was inconvenient for our customer and led to production downtime,  eventhough we had always immediately provided them with new handles as replacements.

Armstrong lifting magnets, 1st Generation with a Tubular Handle - Damaged Easily
Armstrong old style NL-series lifting Magnets Armstrong old style NL Lifting Magnets tubular handle

Now we are no longer making and supplying those tubular-handle lifting magnets . NL-B series, the 3rd generation of Armstrong lifting magnets, are built with solid handles which are strong and tough enough to withstand violent collisions without deformation.

Since we introduced our 3rd generation, NL-B lifting magnet equipment, 5 years ago, we have NEVER received any claims for damages of the solid handles.  This design improvement has been hassel-free, cost effective, and time efficient for our customers.   No more request for replacement!  No more arranging for return shipping!  No more down-time for your production!  No more fixes by millwrights!

Armstrong lifting magnets, 3rd Generation with a Solid Handle - Not Easily Damaged
Armstrong current NL-B series lifting Magnets Armstrong current style NL-B Lifting Magnets solid handle