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Stainless Steel Cup Magnetic Assembly RB-80SS

Posted on June 22, 2016

Armstrong Magnetics stainless steel magnetic assembly

Armstrong Magnetics' RB series cup magnetic assemblies are Chrome plated. Thanks to the protective plating, they can be used outdoors even in rainy days.

However, the anti corrosion performance of this kind of cup magnetic assemblies are still not guaranteed. Some customers wonder that the Chrome plating could crack or peel in poor weather or acid-base environment causing unacceptable serious corrosion at the steel cup surface of the magnetic assembly.

In order to provide our customers with a great corrosion-resistant product, the cup magnetic assembly RB-80SS was designed and fabricated. The steel cup of RB-80SS is made of Ferritic Stainless Steel. It has excellent resistance to a wide variety of corrosive environments, including nitric acid and some organic acids. Furthermore, its resistance against pitting and crevice corrosion resistance is only slightly less than that of the Austenitic stainless steel grade 304. In addition, its stress corrosion cracking resistance could be high.

Unlike our competitors’ cup magnetic assemblies which are bonded at the magnet bottom only, RB-80SS has stronger bonding between the steel cup and the ceramic magnet ring. We use epoxy adhesive which bonds not only the bottom of the magnet, but also the circular side surface of it. The round slot between the steel cup and the magnet is filled with the epoxy.

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