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 Titanium Nitride Coated Neodymium Magnets

Posted on April 11, 2016

Armstrong Lifting Magnets

Titanium Nitride (TiN) has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

Bare Neodymium magnets implanted in the human body is extremely easy to corrosion. The corrosion not only affects the Neodymium magnets' performance, but also leads to the release of potentially harmful substances due to Neodymium magnets chemical compositions.

Titanium Nitride coating is nonmetallic oxide ceramics material in golden yellow color. It is pretty hard with Young’s modulus between 350 and 600 GPa and so that has high wear resistance.  TiN coated Neodymium magnet material has the property of corrosion resistance. More important, Titanium Nitride exhibits significantly lower bio reactivity than any other materials currently used as coating materials for Neodymium magnet products, such as Ni-Cu-Ni. TiN coated Neodymium magnets are used in orthopedic implants due to its high corrosion resistance and non-reactivity in human body.

Now Armstrong Magnetics can supply TiN coated Neodymium magnet disks and blocks.

Disclaimer: This magnet has not been tested or certified by any regulatory agency for implantation or use inside the human body. Use of this magnet is strictly at your own risk and we cannot guarantee and are not responsible for the success of your application or system that involve our products.