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Lightweight Lifting Magnet, aka Magnetic Sheet Handler/Gripper
One of our most popular permanent lifting magnets products is the lightweight Magnetic Sheet Handler/Gripper which is extremely convenient to use to lift and transport lightweight loads...

Special Features and Suitable Applications of PL-A Magnetic Plate Lifters
PL-A series magnetic plate lifters are unique in their design and have different application from the commonly used NL-B series lifting magnets...

Do’s and Don’ts When Positioning the Lifting Magnets
Ferrous plates come in wide variations of dimensions. But how should you properly place your lifting magnet(s) in order to achieve its greatest safety factor. Let’s take a look at 3 common scenarios...

Applications of Samarium Cobalt Magnets
Many of our clients use Samarium Cobalt magnets in high-performance motors, sensor systems, medical devices, industrial automation equipment, magnetic couplings, magnetic bearings and more...

Where Permanent Lifting Magnets Can Be Applied
Lifting magnets are extremely versatile and can maximize process efficiency in diverse applications...

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