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Armstrong Magnetics spreader beam for permanent lifting magnets

Spreader Beams

In order to lift some big and thin plate safely, you have to use two lifting magnets with a beam FB-1320. Otherwise, the big and thin plate would be bent, peeled off from lifting magnet, and dropped. To get a detailed analysis, read "Unsafe lifting"

FB-1320, includes 2x 1.5Ton Swivel Hoist Hooks and 2x 1.5Ton Anchor Shackles

Part No. Capacity Length Bail Opening Net Weight Coating Price Online Order
87101 1,320 lb 66" 2.36"W x 3.15"H 61 lb Hot-Dip Galvanizing $395.00 Online shopping for Armstrong Magnetics Spreader Beam FB-1320


Engineering drawing for Armstrong Magnetics spreader beam used with permanent lifting magnets