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Magnetic Plate Lifter

We are excited to introduce our NEW PL-A series with Greater Strength, Sturdier Structure and Easier Release!
In Stock in October 2017!

Special features:
1) Handy and reliable operations
2) Swivel 150o to lift metal plate horizontally and vertically.
3) Long Release Handle to release metal easily
4) Unlike the commonly used Cam Release design, Armstrong's plate lifter's releasing mechanism leaves no scratch on the workload surface
5) Ideal to lift thick or thin metal plates.

Unlike other permanent lifting magnets, Armstrong magnetic plate lifter has a series of magnetic poles at its bottom. These magnetic poles are long and narrow so that the magnetic field is shallow and covers a big area. The magnetic field of this shape is best for lifting thin but big steel plates.

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P/N Model and Print Image

Holding (lb)

Sliding (lb) Break Off (lb) Price After Discount
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81301 PL-550 Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-550  550 165 1,100 325.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
81304 PL-660A Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-660A 660 ~165 1,980 To be Announced  Coming Soon in Oct. 2017!
813## -T PL-A Additional Lever for Completely Releasing Thin Steel Plates Additional Lever for PL-660A Separate attachment for PL-A, ideal for easy, complete releasing mechanism To be Announced Coming Soon in Oct. 2017!


Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-1100 


330 2,200 550.00 Temporarily Out of Stock