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NL-B Permanent Lifting Magnets

Limited Lifetime Warranty for NL-B Lifting Magnets
NL-B Lifting Magnets Reseller Locations

Lifting Magnets NL-C

NL-C Lifting Magnets with Pull-Release Mechanism

NEW product

Model and Order Online Part Number Rated Lifting Capacity (lb/kg) Sales US $
NL-660C 81706 660/300 395.00
Lifting Magnets NL-B Series 

NL-B Lifting Magnets

Model and Order Online Part Number Rated Lifting Capacity (lb/kg) Sales US $
NL-330B 81503 330/150 255.00
NL-660B 81506 660/300 395.00
NL-1320B 81513 1320/600 695.00
NL-2200B 81522 2200/1000 1,295.00
NL-4400B 81544 4400/2000 2,695.00

Lifting Magnets NL-B(2) Series 

NL-B(2) Lifting Magnets with Removable Hoist Ring

Model and Order online Part Number Rated Lifting Capacity (lb/kg) Sales US $
NL-330B(2) 81503(2) 330/150 270.00
NL-660B(2) 81506(2) 660/300 415.00
NL-1320B(2) 81513(2) 1320/600 715.00
NL-2200B(2) 81522(2) 2200/1000 1,335.00
NL-4400B(2) 81544(2) 4400/2000 2,745.00

Lifting Magnets NL-BV Series

NL-BV Lifting Magnets with Vertical Lifting Option

Model and Order Online Part Number Rated Lifting Capacity (lb/kg) Vertical Lifting Capacity (lb) Sales US $
NL-330BV 81503V 330/150 66 295.00
NL-660BV 81506V 660/300 132 445.00
NL-1320BV 81513V 1320/600 264 745.00

We manufacture permanent lifting magnets in three series, NL-B, NL-B(2) and NL-BV, with five capacities: 330 lbs, 660 lbs, 1,320 lbs, 2,200 lbs and 4,400 lbs.  Started on January 1, 2016, we extended our previous limited 5-year warranty to limited lifetime warranty to add peace of mind when purchasing Armstrong's NL-B lifting magnets.  We also provide recertification to examine the working condition of your used equipment.

The differeces among NL-B, NL-B(2) and NL-BV are the hoist rings shown below.  Each magnetic lifter has its model number and Armstrong Magnetics' logo casted on its end plates.

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With 3-generations of continued improvement, Armstrong lifting magnets are designed and made for powerful lifting and safe use to avoid their common vulnerable parts being damaged. These compact lift magnets are used for holding, carrying and releasing round or flat ferrous parts without any electrical power supply.

Safe and easy operation:
The solid handle controls an inner magnetic system for safe and easy operation. When the handle is in the "off" position the Lift magnet has almost no magnetic pull. After you press a button on the top of the handle and turn it to the "on" position, the lift magnet will have attracting pull to a steel load. For more safety, the handle has been locked at this position by a "Lock Pin" and the lift magnet will keep full magnetic pull until you manually slide back the Lock Pin and turn the handle back to the "off" position.

Compact yet powerful:
Thanks to Neodymium magnet and special magnetic design, the Lift Magnets have small size and light weight compared to the powerful lift capacity.

Constant and stable magnetic power:
The Lift Magnets have high resistance to demagnetization and is shielded from outside magnetic interference with mild steel case. The lifting value will keep constant and stable.

SafeLift™ pretest mechanism:
Safer than our competitors' lifting magnets by pretesting lifting safety.
In some complicated situations it is difficult to estimate the actual lifting value with enough safety coefficient and consequently you are not sure if the lifting operation is safe or not, then you can take the following steps to get a safer lifting operation.
1. Place the lifting magnet at the load.
2. Turn the handle counterclockwise to the vertical position.
3. Insert the tip of the screw driver shipped with the lifting magnet into a small hole at the yellow cover to hold the handle in the position.
4. Lift the lifting magnet and the load 2"-3" from the floor.
5. If the load can be lifted, place the load back onto the floor.
6. Take off the screw driver and turn the handle to ON position. The handle is locked by the slide pin.
7. Lift the load again. This time the safety coefficient is 2 at least.